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The Cat Window Hanging is a gorgeous addition to any window that needs dressing up.

šŸ±It looks like a little cat is peeking out your window and when the sun hits it just right, it projects a cool little cat right onto your walls!

šŸ± It is best to install it at the edge of the window to make it look like the cat is actually peeking outside.

šŸ± For cat lovers, design enthusiasts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, and more Come say this cat window hanging is a perfect gift idea!!!

šŸ± The cat window hanger features perfectly smooth seams, a stable fixing that won’t fall off your window, and the cat measures 8.9 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide. The material is made of plexiglass.

Package Includes:

  • Cat Window Hanger Color / Red / Black / Purple / Blue / Yellow / Green*1
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