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Designed to serve a super snatched aesthetic to your face, these ultra-thin, invisible tapes lift the brow, eyes and cheeks while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Quick and easy to apply, it let you achieve a well-defined jawline without going through painful surgery.Easily correct droopy eyes and eliminate excess upper eyelid skin or bags with just two tapes! Water-resistant and sticks on all day, they can be used alone or under-make up for a sleeker, slimmer appearance!

“I’m 68 years old and on my chin, I’m seeing the loss of elasticity. Due to the fact that I’m a side sleeper, when I wake up, there’s wrinkles and loss of elasticity around my face. I started to use  Adhesive Tape with Strap & Hook, applied one tape on temple and another on the other side. And BOOM, This definitely worked! I felt like the tape elongated my chin and lift up on whole. I felt like I looked like a completely different person, a 30 y/o me!”

Vanessa Gonzalez, 68 y/o 

“I must say this is something what you need if are aging and you don’t want any invasive facial. I’ve started to get this annoying deep line next to my mouth. So I gave these lifting tapes a try. They’re just the right amount of sticky and aren’t painful to remove, and feel it gives my face some support. My laugh lines are becoming less dramatic!I now need not put on so much makeup and generally look younger with tighten face on the whole, while still looking very natural. A++”

Amber Vincent, 45 y/o


Instant Snatched, Defined Face

Corrects Droopy Brows & Eyes

Serves a Slimmer Jawline

Look Younger Instantly

Invisible, Breathable

Stick On All Day, Water-proof

Easy, Quick to Apply

Made of Class V Medical Grade Soft synthetic rubber Material


      1. Clean and find the place you want to be thin.
      2. Stick it in one way.
      3. Press the one side and together the skin then tighten the second side.
      4. Press the one and two side for seconds.
      5. Take off the blue arrow.
      6. Nice lifting.


Style  – Adhesive Tape with Strap & Hook 40PCS/80PCS/120PCS

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