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So Light It Feels Like You’re Wearing Nothing

Our indestructible gloves keep your hands  safe without sacrificing flexibility or comfort.

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Ventilation holes provide breathable comfort in hot & cold conditions. Developed with touch-sensitive fingertips so you can use your phone, too!

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Strong, stretchy materials adapt to your hands, offering a snug fit that feels amazing hour after hour. All without limiting your natural finger movement!


Made from military-grade materials and designed to last forever. Get your knuckle armor today, and be ready for anything life throws your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size I should order?

Please refer to our SIZING CHART. If you’re in between two sizes, we recommend going with the larger size.

What materials is it made out of?

Our indestructible gloves give you the protection you need to feel confident while you are training, working in a cold environment, cycling, riding a bike, or just a plain tire change on the road. 

This is achieved with high quality, military-grade micro-fiber, sewed with double thread, leather, and high-density kevlar knuckle guards. Powerful rubber layer on fingers.

Dual-layer synthetic leather palm improves anti-slip performance for hunting, shooting, archery, tactical training, etc.

Does it limit your finger movement or mobility?

Our gloves do not affect the natural movement of your fingers in any way. In fact, they do quite the opposite! 

They enhance your performance by reinforcing your palm & grip strength, allowing you to do more. With our gloves on, your hands are stronger more durable in every way.

What exactly are the gloves resistant to?

Our gloves are extremely durable and resistant to just about everything!

They’re resistant against abrasion, cuts, & scratches, and are tough on glass, bricks, and even walls. With ventilating holes on the back of your hands, our gloves give you breathable comfort in both hot & cold conditions.

They’re fire resistant too, so you can reach into the fire to adjust your logs if necessary. And they’re of course also resistant to rain & water, which helps keeps your hands dry and prevent slippage. 

Our gloves are can truly be worn at anytime, anywhere. Get yours today & enjoy enhanced performance in every situation!

Can I use my phone with them on?

Yes! Our gloves are 100% touchscreen compatible. You’ll have no problem using your phone with them on. 

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