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Hip Belt – Ultimate Relief For Sciatica & Lower Back Pain

Are You Experiencing Intense Pain On Your Lower Back Even When You’re Just Walking, Sitting, Or Sleeping?

Introducing Hip Belt that can provide immediate and long term-relief against sacroiliac joint pain, low back pain, and sciatic nerve pain., guaranteed!


Stabilizes and corrects SI joint function

Can be comfortably worn everyday

Recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors

Flexible and non-slip unlike other hip belts

Pelvic Pain

Lower Back Pain

Leg Nerve Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Chronic Back Pain

SI Joint Dsyfunction

Do You Suffer From Lower Back, Hip, And Leg Pain That Doesn’t Go Away?

If you’ve ever struggled with lower back pain then you’ll understand how awful it is to feel like you can’t do anything because you’re in pain all the time.

From simple everyday tasks like getting out of bed in the morning or walking up the stairs. Chronic lower back pain and sciatic pain can make you feel much older than you are.

Working long hours in the office, walking, and sleeping becomes difficult and you’ve realized that your lifestyle has become sedentary because of the pain.

Perhaps, you’ve tried different methods like consulting a chiropractor, stretching, or massage guns but none of it worked. The pain just gets back after little temporary relief.

Well, you don’t have to endure that pain anymore! Our Hip Belt is built to secure the hip and pelvic joints while also relieving discomfortProper compression on the SI joint can ensure stability and posture that can relieve lower back pain.

Say Goodbye To Lower Back Pain Without Medication!

Did you know there’s a special joint located in the pelvis that’s often overlooked when it comes to treating lower back pain?

It’s called the Sacroiliac Joint (SI).

Painkillers just mask the pain and do not fix the leading cause of the pain, but medical testing shows that continuous and proper pressure in the mid-section can give immediate and long-term relief from an inflamed sacroiliac joint.

That’s why we’ve designed a wrap-around dual belt that has been specially made to compress this area and support your SI to instantly relieve stress and any instability.

Unlike many back products, this is worn below your waist so it’s more effective on the affected area. This means you’ll see both instant relief and long-term benefits with continued use.

Our “dual belt” design allows you to exactly target your pain points and provide the right amount of pressure while ensuring a snug fit even when you’re doing physical activities. It’s made to be worn 24 hours a day.

To Get The Right Amount Of Compression In The Mid-Area

Hip Belt lets you freely adjust to your preferred tightness. It has a durable velcro closure that makes it easy to alter the pressure in different areas. It’s also slim in design and easy to hide under any clothing.

“I can easily adjust the right amount of compression on my lower back. It’s super easy to adjust yet the closure doesn’t separate easily! I felt relieved the moment I wore this, I even use it whenever I do gym!” – Joseph C

For A Whole Day Of Wearing

Our Hip Belt has been specifically designed with breathable neoprene for sweat resistance, to be worn 24 hours a day.

Yes, we’re that confident it will give you relief, we’ve built it so you can even exercise while wearing it!

What’s more, we’ve included anti-slip silicone strips to make sure it stays in place and won’t ride up your hips no matter what.

This is why you can comfortably sit, sleep, walk or use it on moderate physical activities to aid with pain, without realizing you are wearing it.

Sweat Resistance
Neoprene is strong, durable, and breathable and means you can comfortably wear the Belt for long periods of time. What’s more, it’s lightweight and discreet so you can even wear this under your clothes.

Anti-Slip Silicone Strips
The non-slip strips keep the Hip Belt in a firm position whether you’re resting on a couch, typing on your computer, sleeping on your bed or doing physical activity.

High Strength Elastic Material
Elastic material is used to provide the right amount of compression to your lower back area. The stretchable belt can be adjusted to fit any size in comfort and help maintain proper posture.

Strong Mechanical Grip
Our Hip Belt is equipped with a strong velcro hook and loop mechanical grip to allow all day wear without getting loose. This mechanism also makes the lock easy to loosen or tighten.

How Does The Hip Belt Compare?

Approved By Leading Physical Therapists

“I’ve been doing physical therapy for about 12 years now and the Hip Belt is the best recommendation to my patients who have been experiencing chronic lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Many people don’t know that the leading cause of these types of pains is an inflamed SI joint. This belt can help by providing support to the lower back which can give immediate and long-term pain relief when used daily.” Dr. Julie Hemsworth

The Best Proof Comes From People Like You

Our Mission

If you’ve ever suffered from low back pain, then you’ve probably experienced the feeling of hopelessness when no solution seems to work and the experts can’t seem to fix it.

SI joint injury can hinder you from doing daily physical activities. Even relaxing can become stressful when the pain doesn’t go away.

Our company believes that you can use your full physical potential when you aren’t experiencing any pain in your body.

This is why our mission is to help people who have been suffering from persistent pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs, by creating something that is good to get instant relief as well as for the long-term: Instant pain relief that can be done at the comfort of your home.

Thoughtfully made for you. Recommended by orthopedic surgeons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wear the Hip Belt for in a day?

The Hip Belt can be worn all day. You can start with a few hours as soon as you experience pain, and you can then add more hours if it’s needed. The Hip Belt has been designed to be worn as long as it’s needed, it can be used while sleeping and while doing physical activity.

What are the materials in the Hip Belt? Is there any Latex?

The inside of the Hip Belt is made of styrene butadiene rubber (a synthetic rubber) that guarantees the belt won’t slip away and stays in place. The strips are made of silicon. The rest of the belt is made of Elastic Ribbon and Velcro.

Is the Hip Belt washable?

Please hand wash the Hip Belt, to guarantee the materials will not be damaged and to assure a long life of the belt.

Can the belt be worn under the clothes?

The Hip Belt can be worn under the clothes or above the clothes. It’s ideal to be worn with any workout clothes too.

How long before I feel relief, once I wear the Hip Belt?

You can feel relief from the very first time you wear theHip Belt. Usually after 5-10 minutes the pain is already relieved. The Hip Belt helps alleviate discomfort from sitting, walking or while doing any other type of physical activity

How tight should I wear the Hip Belt?

You need to tighten the Hip Belt so it feels firm but comfortable compression. If you have more pain you can tighten it further.

Where do you wear the Hip Belt? Across hip bones? Under hip bones in the hip-dip area?

The Hip Belt should be worn on your hip (under your waist). Here is a little tip of how to wear the Hip Belt: lift one leg and locate the front leg crease, align the bottom edge of the belt with that crease.

Can you wear the Hip Belt while sleeping?

Yes, you can definitely sleep in the Hip Belt to give your hips that extra support and relieve any pain that can prevent you from having a good night of sleep.

Can you wear the Hip Belt while doing sports? (Gym, Martial Arts, Basketball…)

Yes, the Hip Belt has been specifically designed to be worn during physical activity too, thanks to the breathable neoprene for sweat resistance and the anti-slip silicone strips to prevent slipping while doing any type of movement.


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