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Difficult to Remove Stubborn Stain from Your Floor?

Want to Save Your Back and Knees When Cleaning Floor?


Long Handle Multi-Functional Floor Scrub Brush Helps You.

2 In 1 Removable Cleaning Brush

“I clean everything with this brush.”

✨Reach Any Corner In Seconds

✨Can Be Used On Any Surface

✨Tough Bristles For Deep Cleaning

✨Brush Across For Instant Cleaning

TOUGH AND SOFT: Our 2 in 1 Floor Brush Scrub Brush is soft yet tough enough to clean through dirt and grime.

With the rubber bristles, you’ll never scratch any surface including glass and tiles.

V SHAPE: Our unique V-shaped design is the secret to getting into every corner and gap within seconds without constantly banging and destroying your home trying to get into it.

 120° ROTATING HEAD: Clean faster and easier with the 120° rotating head.

With this feature, you’ll reach all hard-to-reach spots easily without effort.

REMOVABLE: When it’s time to store the 2 in 1 scrub brush you can simply detach the head and handle for easier storage and easier cleaning of the brush head when needed.

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